Grill Pinz Synthetic 32-pin Multi Pack
Grill Pinz Synthetic 32-pin Multi Pack

Grill Pinz Synthetic 32-pin Multi Pack

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Grill Pinz Synthetic Multi-Pack

1 x pack of 32 pins

  • Constructed from FDA approved and BPA free synthetic material.
  • Highly heat resistant, safe to 500F sustained or 750F for brief exposures
  • Disposable, although they can certainly be reused if you choose
  • The barbs in the middle and on the end are bigger which improves the holding power greatly!
  • 100% made in the USA, North Carolina

Some tips for grilling with bacon, and also with synthetic Grill Pinz:

  • You want to start with “indirect” cooking which means not directly above the coals or above lit gas burners.
  • After maybe 15-20 minutes as the bacon starts to cook and has released most of the grease you can move it closer to direct heat.
  • As the bacon starts to brown up you can move directly over the coals to finish, but you must monitor things and be ready to move off the heat if things start to flame up.
  • Using the correct process you will avoid flare-ups and burned food. The main point is cook indirectly until the coals have died down and the bacon has partially cooked, then crisp up the bacon at the end!